Everything we do is focussed on helping small to medium business owners improve their business and achieve their goals. With this in mind, we offer three core services:

Number Crunching: Accounting & Taxation

We specialise in small and medium business taxation.

At least yearly, we meet with all of our clients to implement the latest tax strategies, minimise tax and plan for upcoming tax liabilities. Tax planning is critical because after 30 June, it’s often too late.

Minimise your tax and operate in the most tax effective structure for your circumstances. Your structure will determine how profits are taxed, who pays the tax and how often. Take profits in the most tax effective manner and satisfy your tax obligations in a way that is best for your cash flow.

As part of efficient, accurate, real-time (cloud) accounting, have your tax and accounting obligations taken care of so you can focus on your business. Choose for us to work on your accounts quarterly or monthly and have up-to-date financials throughout the year

  • Plan and minimise tax as best as possible, implement latest strategies.
  • Know your tax payments 12 months in advance.
  • Does your accountant see you to make sure you have minimised tax with the latest strategies and know your upcoming payments before 30 June?
  • Are you in the best structure for tax purposes?


For business owners that want something more than basic tax and accounting services but don’t require full scale business advisory, we have developed a Reporting package.

In short, we provide cloud-based business performance reports to business owners every month. Track your business performance as it happens – don't go a year without having accountant reviewed figures!

The reports are tailored suit your business. They are easy to understand and include more than just balance sheets and P&L's. They include graphs, trends and information on your important numbers.

Know your numbers: monitor the key numbers that drive your business. If you don’t know these figures and how you can change them, you need a new accountant!

Take action and achieve great things: set yourself some goals and monitor your progress. Detect trends early and if necessary, make changes to your strategy sooner rather than later. If you need advice on strategy or a sounding board to bounce ideas off each month, please see our Business Advisory and Coaching packages below.

  • Real-time monitoring: tracking performance as it happens with real-time reports direct to your inbox.
  • Know your numbers: this is critical to your success.
  • Take action and achieve great things: make better and timely decisions for your financial future.

Business Advisory & Coaching

We’re making business coaching affordable

We’ve seen external business coaches charge our clients $2,000 + per month. It’s not feasible for a lot of small businesses and often too complicated. So we’ve developed our Business Success Packages.

Our Business Success Packages are built upon years of informal discussions, meetings and advice to business owners that have resulted in dramatic improvements to business performance. We’ve worked with a large amount of small and medium businesses (from zero to 200 employees!) so we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We provide a simple and easy to understand process for business owners to increase profits and business value. We identify the numbers that drive your business and your profit and value improvement potential. We set targets and develop strategies to achieve them. The strategies will involve Financial Metrics, Sales, People and Technology.

We report to you on performance as part of our monthly ‘board’ meetings. We provide an honest account of the figures, make you accountable and adjust strategies to make sure you stay on track.

Importantly, Steve and Chris are both with you at each meeting and throughout the process. Leverage their combined skillset, knowledge and first-hand experience of family business workings to make the most out of your business.

From knowledge of complex tax law and the latest time-saving cloud technologies to decades of experience and know-how, they are a powerful team there to help you achieve your goals. Read more about them here.

  • Accounting, Tax and Business Coaching all in one place.
  • Know where you could be and how to get there.
  • Real-time numbers and ‘board’ meetings with highly experience advisors.

Business Advisory tools to get the most out of your business

Please also get in touch for help with:

  • Maximising your profit and business value: making more for your hard work. Tried and tested strategies to increase profit and stimulate growth. Constant, real-time monitoring so your finger is always on the profit pulse.
  • Improving your cash flow: because we know earning money and receiving it are two entirely separate things! Cash is king.
  • Structuring your business: how your business is structured can affect how your profits are taxed, who pays the tax and when the tax is paid. Are you often out of cash because of quarterly PAYG instalments? Correct structuring is also important to protect business and personal assets.
  • Protecting your assets: protect what you have worked hard for. Are you confident that everything you have worked for is protected?
  • Saving time and using technology: streamline and automate your bookkeeping and administration. Structure your processes to give yourself more time to work on your business or more time out of it!


Here at HardyHQ, we love Xero. We use it ourselves (in combination with other cloud tools). Here’s why:

  • Online: online accounting based in the 'cloud' – log in from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. No more USBs or backups. No software to install.
  • Users: Unlimited users can log in with their own details and have their actions tracked.
  • Bank feeds: Your bank transactions are automatically imported for you, so you don’t have to enter them! Set bank rules to code repeating transactions for you.
  • Easy invoicing and debtor collection: create beautiful invoices, send them online and see when they have been looked at. Then set automatic invoice reminders to follow up on those late payers!
  • Simple payroll: process your payroll online, give employees access to their payroll data from any device with an internet connection.

We’re Xero specialists. Please get in touch for more Xero information or visit

Xero Add-Ons & Cloud Software

Give yourself more time! Use technology to make systems and processes as efficient as possible so that you can focus on profit improvement, business value, growth or more time off.

Xero works with many other cloud applications to streamline processes for management reporting, entering bills, job management and many more!

We particularly love:

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank

No more data entry. No more paper box full of receipts.

 Receipt Bank automates entry of your bills and receipts. Use the App to take a photo or have your suppliers email bills to your email address and Receipt Bank will extract all the key information, input the data in Xero and save the paperwork!



Cloud-based Point of Sale software for retailers that can be used from any device with a web browser. Vend automatically sends your sales data to Xero so that you don’t have to.



Cloud-based Point of Sale software that can be used on any device with a web browser. Particularly great for the hospitality industry. Kounta sends your sales and purchases data to Xero so that you don’t have to.

Please get in touch to start streamlining your business systems.