A thorough review and second opinion service. We see improvements that can be made in each SecondGlance™️.

What we do

We review your last prepared financial statements and tax returns in order to provide you with a second opinion as to whether you are paying more tax than necessary and if and to what extent wealth may be exposed.

After a SecondGlance™️, we might find the following:

Missed deductions or opportunities

Structures may have reached their expiry date and a change is needed

Various assets unknowingly exposed to attack

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What we deliver

Business owners may come to us for a SecondGlance™️ because they:

Feel something is not quite right with current tax set up and want a second opinion;
Do not adequately understand the business structure/s;
Do not understand how year end amounts were arrived at;
Do not prepare any tax planning;
Do not know forecasted tax amounts and how much to budget for;
Have a different point of contact each year at current firm and no consistency in who they are dealing with;
Want certainty in their fee structure.

Who we work with

Small and medium businesses with revenue between $1m and $20m per year.

Our accountants bring expertise you can trust.

What small businesses say about us

We tailor our services to each business, helping them as little or as much as they like.

“The team at Hardy’s are genuinely proactive, responsive and reliable. Highly recommend.”
Rod’s Livestock Nutrition
“The tax planning service is great. Really insightful and appreciated.”
Yeti Services