Structuring and Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning

Set up new structures and implement restructures for tax effectiveness and to offer protection against threats to wealth.

What we do

Ensure that your business and investment structures are suitable for:

Tax and tax effective growth

Asset protection

Succession and estate planning

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What we see

A SecondGlance™️ can reveal the following issues:

Assets not adequately separated from Risk
Little or no succession and estate planning
Current set up not tax effective
Suggestions moving forward

Who we work with

Small and medium businesses with revenue between $1m and $20m per year.

Our accountants bring expertise you can trust.

What small businesses say about us

We tailor our services to each business, helping them as little or as much as they like.

“The team at Hardy’s are genuinely proactive, responsive and reliable. Highly recommend.”
Rod’s Livestock Nutrition
“The tax planning service is great. Really insightful and appreciated.”
Yeti Services